Terms and Conditions

NOTE: By clicking the “Submit” button, you and your business are agreeing to the following conditions regarding the submission of feed analysis data to NittanyCow for inclusion in the Commercial Feeds database:

  1. Submitted feed values cannot calculate to be greater than 100% of available nutrients. In particular CP + NDF + NFC + Ash + Fat cannot total to more than 100%. Starch + Sugar + Soluble fiber cannot total to more than NFC. Finally, a product with less than 100% fat cannot have more fat energy than a product that is 100% fat, unless digestibilities are specified.
  2. Nittany Dairy Nutrition Inc. reserves the right to request verification of any feed analysis values that do not agree with published values for similar feeds.
  3. If there is disagreement between submitted feed values and available research, Nittany Dairy Nutrition Inc. will submit proposed adjusted values for the feed in question to your company for approval. If no agreement can be reached on the appropriate values for the product in question, the product will not be included in the Commercial Feeds database of NittanyCow.
  4. All communications, written and oral, between NittanyCow Software Services, Nittany Dairy Nutrition Inc, and any company wishing to submit feeds for inclusion in the Commercial Feeds database of NittanyCow will be regarded by all parties as strictly confidential.

NOTE: You must complete all fields on the form. If you do not know the value of a particular nutrient, or it does not apply, please enter 0.

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   Dry Matter %:
   Crude Protein: % Dry Matter
   NDN (Non Protein Nitrogen): % Dry Matter
   ADICP: % Dry Matter
   NDICP: % Dry Matter
   Methionine: % Dry Matter
   Lysine: % Dry Matter
   Leucine: % Dry Matter
   Isoleucine: % Dry Matter
   Valine: % Dry Matter
   Threonine: % Dry Matter
   Arg: % Dry Matter
   His: % Dry Matter
   Tryptophan: % Dry Matter
   Phenylalanine: % Dry Matter
   CPM-A Protein Fraction: % Dry Matter
   CPM-A Digestion Rate: % per hour
   CPM-B1 Protein Fraction: % Dry Matter
   CPM-B1 Digestion Rate: % per hour
   CPM-B2 Protein Fraction: % Dry Matter
   CPM-B2 Digestion Rate: % per hour
   CPM-B3 Protein Fraction: % Dry Matter
   CPM-B3 Digestion Rate: % per hour
   CPM-C Protein Fraction: % Dry Matter
   CPM-C Digestion Rate: % per hour
   NRC Protein A: % Dry Matter
   NRC Protein B: % Dry Matter
   NRC Protein C: % Dry Matter
   NRC Digestion Rate: % per hour
   NRC RUP Digestion %: % Dry Matter
   ADF: % Dry Matter
   NDF: % Dry Matter
Particle Size Distribution
   > 19 mm: % of total
   8-19 mm: % of total
   1-8 mm: % of total
   < 1 mm: % of total
   Lignin: % Dry Matter
   Starch: % Dry Matter
   Sugar: % Dry Matter
   Crude Fat: % Dry Matter
   Total Fatty Acid: % of Fat
Long Chain Fatty Acid
   C12: % Fatty Acid
   C14: % Fatty Acid
   C16: % Fatty Acid
   C16:1: % Fatty Acid
   C18: % Fatty Acid
   C18:1: % Fatty Acid
   C18:2: % Fatty Acid
   C18:3: % Fatty Acid
   Omega: % Fatty Acid
   Other: % Fatty Acid
   Ash: % Dry Matter
   Calcium: % Dry Matter
   Phosphorous: % Dry Matter
   Magnesium: % Dry Matter
   Potassium: % Dry Matter
   Sulphur: % Dry Matter
   Sodium: % Dry Matter
   Chloride: % Dry Matter
   Iron: ppm
   Zinc: ppm
   Copper: ppm
   Manganese: ppm
   Selenium: ppm
   Cobalt: ppm
   Iodine: % Dry Matter
   Vitamin A: KIu/lb
   Vitamin D: KIu/lb
   Vitamin E: KIu/lb
   Choline: mg/lb
   Choline: % Rumen Degradability
   Niacin: mg/lb
   Niacin: % Rumen Degradability
   Biotin: mg/lb
   Biotin: % Rumen Degradability
   B-Carotine: mg/lb
   B-Carotine: % Rumen Degradability
   Folic Acid: mg/lb
   Folic Acid: % Rumen Degradability
   Nel: mcal/lb
   Nem: mcal/lb
   Neg: mcal/lb
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Note: By clicking the “Submit” button, you and your business are agreeing to the conditions state above. Once you click the “Submit” button, you will not be able to make changes to the feed submitted.

Any questions regarding these conditions or the submission process can be directed to Jake Patton of NittanyCow Software Services (jake@nittanycow.com).